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  mappu c1c94112c0 doc/README: add links to archived releases 8 months ago
  mappu 3d9fdc8669 doc: update README 2 years ago
  mappu 0556358529 doc: top-level README.md 2 years ago
  mappu ea3bb84b7b build: remove Dep references in Makefile 2 years ago
  mappu 1c6e3b1c9d build: remove dep meta files, readd vendor directory 2 years ago
  mappu a74d57e7fc build: convert to Go Modules 2 years ago
  mappu 8f443e1cfb vendor: commit existing golang vendor directory 2 years ago
  mappu aa7557ed47 hg2git: convert ignores/tags files 2 years ago
  mappu 7936330903 makefile: bump version to 1.3.1 3 years ago
  mappu 1e130ee932 Moved tag v1.3.0 to changeset 9547a8a3a8ea (from changeset 4dc4a77c8db3) 3 years ago
  mappu f0e64cbc34 modernise the sample configuration file 3 years ago
  mappu e7587dae2d Added tag v1.3.0 for changeset 4dc4a77c8db3 3 years ago
  mappu 2e264ecaf1 doc: readme 3 years ago
  mappu 046c6627ec makefile: bump version to 1.3.0 3 years ago
  mappu 36f49749ad config: hub.port is optional, allow putting full URL in hub.address field 3 years ago
  mappu aacebe5c5f compatibility updates for libnmdc 3 years ago
  mappu 80d230be98 vendor: bump libnmdc 0.15.0 -> 0.16.0 3 years ago
  mappu 27c9621833 makefile: bump version to 1.2.4 3 years ago
  mappu 082502c7e6 Added tag v1.2.3 for changeset e7de5d5504b9 3 years ago
  mappu f4684673e7 doc: readme 3 years ago
  mappu 0dc5c2878f hgignore 3 years ago
  mappu efdb188aba vendor: bump libnmdc 0.14.0 -> 0.15.0 3 years ago
  mappu 54e21f2b2d clear owner/group from linux64 release tarball 3 years ago
  mappu dd166cf0e9 doc: mention supercedes 3 years ago
  mappu 92b1c4daa5 doc: fix cosmetic issue with readme generation on code.ivysaur.me 3 years ago
  mappu ea4135888d bump all versions to 1.2.3 3 years ago
  mappu 8e999f5ddb Added tag v1.2.2 for changeset 0c6b957de432 3 years ago
  mappu 62c03cf9f1 doc: mention download options 3 years ago
  mappu 6abdc8d2a9 server: use real content length, use system MIME info instead of handrolling it 3 years ago
  mappu 1a281095f0 regenerate bindata.go 3 years ago
  mappu 69613d07a5 build: remove timestamps from generated bindata.go file 3 years ago
  mappu 19b2221ea1 doc: mention unminified development instructions 3 years ago
  mappu 9840c1024e doc: preliminary changelog update 3 years ago
  mappu 00cdce5f5a doc: add instructions on setting up a development environment 3 years ago
  mappu 312cbb7bc1 commit a copy of bindata.go, to allow installation via go get 3 years ago
  mappu bea598f7a3 retag in vX.Y.Z format 3 years ago
  mappu ef9a61e9cf hgignore vendor directory 3 years ago
  mappu 0ec079cfd4 use 'dep' for dependency management 3 years ago
  mappu 54ecffd0d4 build: remove dead code 3 years ago
  mappu 41e244c255 build: replace minipack shell script with sed commands 3 years ago
  mappu a109e2dc29 build: replace IIFEMODE/sed with cat in makefile 3 years ago
  mappu 0bafa59358 build: remove php, replace with bash script 3 years ago
  mappu 78ced31e9d further conversion to makefile build 3 years ago
  mappu 16a4a2556b partial conversion to makefile build 3 years ago
  mappu fafca96711 fix not being able to close PM tabs 3 years ago
  mappu 2eacb06c9e Added tag release-1.2.1 for changeset c8cd84947e45 3 years ago
  mappu 1f2871b917 doc: preliminary changelog update 3 years ago
  mappu 855206feed hide (0) from page title 3 years ago
  mappu efa195df5b bump scrollback limit from 50->200 3 years ago
  mappu 89c8cb0dc8 contented: fix upload item disappearing once logged in 3 years ago