37 older projects, mostly dating from around 2006-2007. https://code.ivysaur.me/oldutil
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37 older projects, mostly dating from around 2006-2007.

  • 4get - bulk image downloader for the website 4chan.org
  • alt - a scriptable 3D RPG game
  • aren - batch regular expression renaming utility
  • bmphdr - write raw BMP header files to view framebuffer dumps
  • cowsay - rewrite of the classic utility
  • csprofiler - GUI tool to manage saved games for the game Cave Story
  • deciphe - polyalphabetic substitution cipher solver
  • dva1 - change view mode of desktop icons
  • dva2 - change view mode of desktop icons (Vista+ dependency)
  • encoder - bulk video encoder
  • erb - CLI tool to empty recycle bin
  • exh - launch a program at a specific window position (intended for CLI use)
  • expsave - kill explorer by hotkey, used for escaping certain error conditions
  • fibs - comical fibbonaci implementation with excessive commenting, using the closed form expression with a field extension over √2
  • fvtool - autoclicker for the game Farmville
  • hlml - mod launcher for the game Halflife
  • httppy - web server with integrated VBS server-side script engine
  • intchk - Churuya-san tells you if the internet is working
  • lilly-vb - pixel-accurate clone of the Billy media player
  • lsau - enumerate windows audio devices in a manner suitable for mpd-win32
  • mapp - produce a popup context menu, used to simplify shortcuts
  • mappydc - GUI NMDC client with scripting engine and avatar support
  • mcparse - parse Minecraft log files for further processing
  • mhokay - configure global hotkeys
  • multisnake - multiplayer snake game with up to 4 players and AI support
  • qemgui - GUI for QEMU
  • rcbass - simulate global hotkeys, to control the Billy player over a telnet/ssh connection
  • rotype - ROT13 notepad
  • slingshotcsv - parse the slingshot API to CSV files
  • stepview - manager utility for the game Stepmania
  • vb-helpers - a collection of utility scripts for VB6
  • wimutil - utility for packing and unpacking .wim files
  • wmvappendgui - GUI to losslessly append .wmv files
  • xini - patch utility for the program XFire
  • yatwiki - early version of a markdown-based wiki script
  • yctl - Application framework with GUI and VBS-based scripting engine
  • ysis - Event framework for porting TI-83-based applications to Windows

Tags: nmdc, game