A command-line batch downloader for manga websites. https://code.ivysaur.me/manga-dl
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A command-line batch downloader for manga websites.

It features automatic .cbz packing, and full gallery or individual chapter download (depending on backend).

Tags: anime

Supported Sites

Some sites were added at user request.

  • MangaBird.com
  • MangaInn.com
  • MangaFox.me (individual entries and galleries)
  • MangaReader.net
  • MangaTraders.com
  • MangaDoom.com
  • MangaStream.to
  • Batoto.net (Bato.to)
  • Hitomi.la
  • GEH
  • NH


   manga-dl [options]

   {any URL}             Add URL for attempted download
   --dry-run             Scan URLs, no download
   --no-zip              Don't pack downloaded files into a .cbz archive
   --usage, --help       Display this message
   --zip                 Pack downloaded files into a .cbz archive (default)


2017-02-04: v15

2016-09-18: v14

  • Compatibility updates for Mangafox, Hitomi and NH
  • Dsplay warning when downloading a zero-byte file
  • manga-dl-v14.tar.xz (5.13 KiB)

2015-12-02: v13

  • MangaFox: Support downloading all chapters in gallery
  • MangaFox: Fix partial chapters (e.g. c23.5)
  • Zip by default, use --no-zip to disable
  • manga-dl-v13.tar.xz (5.01 KiB)

2015-12-01: v12

2015-12-01: v11

2015-11-29: v10

  • Compatibility updates for Mangafox, Batoto, and NH
  • Allow overwriting zero-byte files
  • Fix encoded characters appearing in titles (NH)
  • manga-dl-v10.tar.xz (4.25 KiB)

2015-10-11: v9

2015-10-11: v8

  • Feature: Support NH site
  • Feature: Support bato.to URLs
  • Enhancement: Preserve session cookies
  • Enhancement: Preserve non-latin alphanumeric characters in filenames
  • Enhancement: Display error message on network failure
  • manga-dl-v8.7z (3.41 KiB)

2014-05-31: v7

  • Added batoto.net support
  • Spoof user agent
  • Fix issue with compressed body responses
  • manga-dl-v7.zip (3.21 KiB)

2013-09-21: v5

2013-08-18: v0

2013-08-18: v0-mangasadpanda

  • Feature: Support GEH site

2013-06-03: v0-mangainn

  • Feature: Support MangaInn site

2013-05-26: v0-mangatraders

  • Feature: Support MangaTraders site

2013-05-03: v0-mangafox

  • Feature: Support MangaFox site

2013-04-02: v0-mangabird

  • Feature: Support MangaBird site

2013-03-17: v0-mangareader

  • Initial private release
  • Feature: Support MangaReader site