A web interface to an NMDC hub https://code.ivysaur.me/nmdc-webfrontend/
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A web interface to an NMDC/ADC hub.

Chat in real-time on your NMDC/ADC hub using a web browser.

Relationship to other projects

This project forks and deprecates my earlier dcwebui2 project since Go seems to use less memory than node.

This project supercedes dcwebui, flexdc, and dcwebui2.

Upgrading from dcwebui2

  • The configuration file content is identical between nmdc-webfrontend 1.0.0 and dcwebui2 1.3.0, but please now ensure it's valid JSON instead of arbitrary javascript. This means no assignment, use double-quoted strings, and no comments.
  • Future changes to the configuration file since nmdc-webfrontend 1.0.0 are backward compatible (see the changelog for more details).


  1. Install Go (>= 1.11), Node.js, NPM, and 7-Zip (p7zip-full on Debian)
  2. Download the source code
    • git clone https://git.ivysaur.me/code.ivysaur.me/nmdc-webfrontend.git ; or
    • go get code.ivysaur.me/nmdc-webfrontend ; or
    • download and extract a source archive
  3. Install dependencies: sudo make deps
  4. Build: make
  5. Optional: Set web.external_webroot: true in the config file for unminified development


2017-11-26 1.3.0

2017-11-14 1.2.3

2017-10-28 1.2.2

2017-10-16 1.2.1

2017-10-15 1.2.0

2017-02-11 1.1.4

2017-02-11 1.1.3

2017-02-06 1.1.2

2017-02-06 1.1.1

2017-02-06 1.1.0

  • Feature: Remember last username/password for login; remember last “show joins/parts” status
  • Feature: Display user details on hover (description, email, client tag, share size)
  • Feature: Optional desktop notifications for background PMs (not possible in incognito)
  • Feature: Automatically reconnect with the same username/password if connection was lost
  • Feature: Re-enter last message (Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down)
  • Feature: Set custom date/time format (Minutes, Seconds, Full), remembered for next session
  • Feature: Clickable magnet links
  • Feature: Display unread main-chat message count in the page title if the window is inactive
  • Feature: Add warning message when closing tab while still connected (optional preference, disabled by default, will be remembered).
  • Feature: Admin option to load a custom favicon (set web.custom_favicon=true and place a favicon.ico in the current directory)
  • Feature: Admin option to use external web resources (set web.external_webroot=true and use the /client/ directory)
  • Enhancement: Higher resolution favicon
  • Enhancement: Display operators in green in the user list
  • Enhancement: Enable spellcheck for text input once logged in
  • Enhancement: Prevent sending referrer to remote URLs
  • Enhancement: Display joins/parts and connection/disconnection messages in PM tabs
  • Enhancement: Support Shift+Tab to autocomplete backward
  • Enhancement: Support unread status for the main tab
  • Enhancement: Improve page load time via minification
  • Remove unused options from the config file
  • Update socket.io to 1.7.2
  • Update libnmdc to 0.12
  • Add margin between bottom of the text area and the text input box
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with collapsing consecutive spaces in posted messages
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with text size adjustment on mobile devices
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with clearing the screen on reconnection
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with not clearing the userlist on certain types of network error
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with closed PM tabs reappearing in some cases
  • Fix a cosmetic issue with marking all PM tabs as read when switching to a single one
  • ⬇️ nmdc-webfrontend-1.1.0-win64.7z (1.36 MiB)
  • ⬇️ nmdc-webfrontend-1.1.0-win32.7z (1.25 MiB)
  • ⬇️ nmdc-webfrontend-1.1.0-src.tar.xz (65.39 KiB)
  • ⬇️ nmdc-webfrontend-1.1.0-linux64.tar.xz (1.50 MiB)
  • ⬇️ nmdc-webfrontend-1.1.0-linux32.tar.xz (1.41 MiB)

2016-11-29 1.0.2

2016-10-08 1.0.1

2016-10-08 1.0.0