It's said that if you're not disgusted by code you wrote six months ago, you've stopped learning.

AI and simulator for the card game Five Crowns
Updated 2024-01-07 03:18:54 +00:00
A single-pass x86_64 assembler that emits relocatable ELF64 objects
Updated 2023-12-11 06:42:21 +00:00
Split an .srt subtitle file into batches of 5000 characters to help machine-translate it with deepl
Updated 2023-05-28 06:42:43 +00:00
Utilities to archive images from after the April 2023 ToS change
Updated 2023-05-20 06:51:28 +00:00
A web interface and API for the LLaMA large language AI model, based on the llama.cpp runtime.
Updated 2023-04-09 06:46:15 +00:00
An interpreter for the RV32I instruction set
Updated 2023-05-20 06:51:45 +00:00
A metadata scraper for the website.
Updated 2023-06-15 07:49:56 +00:00
A script to find out how this meme can be applied to english words.
Updated 2021-04-12 01:38:57 +00:00
A tool to download subtitled videos from the website
Updated 2021-04-12 00:50:07 +00:00
A chart to categorize 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs by the number of big+little CPU cores of each Cortex generation.
Updated 2021-04-12 01:39:59 +00:00
Convert PHP source code to Go by AST walking
Updated 2020-06-10 07:10:10 +00:00
Brief performance testing of binary/decimal conversion functions in different scripting interpreters
Updated 2021-04-12 01:39:22 +00:00
A script to modify creation time flags in Gitea to match the oldest Git commit.
Updated 2020-05-24 08:13:56 +00:00
Web-based portfolio frontend for Gitea
Updated 2024-03-19 06:08:58 +00:00
A sample web application project that can be adopted as a base
Updated 2020-05-24 08:13:43 +00:00

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